Church of the Holy Trinity

A Family - Centered Catholic Church Serving Northern Tuscarawas County


Question of the Week


                       Week of December 23

                 Obedience to God’s Will

Adults: When was it hardest for you to trust in God’s plan for you, as Mary did? What can help you at such times?


Kids: When is it hardest for you to obey a parent or teacher? What can help you obey with more trust?


                     Week of December 9

                 Prayer of Repentance

Adults: In what areas of your life do you need God’s forgiveness right now? What Advent practice would assist you in expressing your forgiveness?


Kids: What do you want to ask God to forgive you for? What can you do during Advent to show you are sorry?


                     Week of December 2

                   The Habit of Prayer

Adults: What have been the strengths of your prayer life? What habit of prayer could you strengthen during this Advent season?


Kids: What prayers will you say each day and each week during Advent?


Week of July 15                   Sharing Good News          

Adult: What good news of Jesus can you share with others this week?                                           

Child: What good news can you share with others this week?


 Week of July 8                   Self-acceptance                                                                                  

Adult: What unavoidable weakness inyourself  do you struggle to accept?                                       

Child: What have you wished would be different or better about you?



 Week of July 1                              Rich in Love                                                                                   Adult: What unavoidable weakness in yourself do you struggle to accept?                                  Child: What have you wished would be different or better about you?


 Week of June 24

Living in God’s Kingdom                                                                                   

Adult: In what ways do you help people in your life prepare themselves for meeting Jesus?

Child: How do you help others to be their best, as John did?                                                                     


  Week of June 17      Living in God’s Kingdom                                                                                    

Adult: What is the “good soil”that has allowed your faith to grow like the mustard seed and provide shelter forothers?                                            

 Child: How do you help your faith grow like a mustard seed?                                                                     

   Week of June 10                                Love for All                                                                                      Adult: In what way could you widen the circle of your family to include someone in need?           Child: Whom could you invite to share a happy time with your family?


  Week of June 3                        Bread for Others                                                                                      

Adult: In what ways have you practiced the words of Jesus and been bread for others?     

Child: What can you do to prepare to celebrate Holy Communion with your parish family?


  Week of May 27                    Signs of God’s Love                                                                                      

Adult: What signs of God’s love have you witnessed in your life?                                             

Child: How can you be a sign of God’s love to others this week?


  Week of May 20                         Gifts for Service    

 Adult: What gift of service have you received from the Holy Spirit and how well are you using it right now?                                                            

Child: What gift do you hope to receive from the Holy Spirit? How could you use it to serve others?


   Week of May 13    The Gift of Wisdom                                                                                        

 ADULT:  Who in your family has the gift of wisdom?

How does he or she use this gift?                                                                                                                           

Child: Who is the wisest person you know? What has she or he taught you?


       Week of May 6     Love of Your Neighbor                         

   Adult: How is love of others connected to love for God?                                                              

   Child: Who needs Jesus’ love this week? How can you show them his Love?


  Week of April 29         Strengthening your Faith                                                                                        Adult: When have you been “pruned” by your experiences in a way that led to greater abundance?                                                          

Child: When have you felt stronger or better because you did something hard to help another person?

   Week of April 22 Called to be Shepherds                                                                                            Adult: Whom are you shepherding in your life right now, and who shepherds you?                        Child: Who has been like a shepherd to you by their example? For whom could you be a shepherd?

     Week of April 15     The Living Christ   

  Adult: What questions about Jesus still arise in the midst of your faith?                                    

  Child: What question would you like to ask someone about Jesus’ appearance to the Apostles?


 Week of April 8    Following the Example of Jesus                                                                                                                                                                                  

Adult: What could you do this week to inspire your family to resemble the early Christians more closely?                                                                       

Child: What could you and your family do to help others who are in need?


     Week of April 1     Made New by Christ

 Adult and Child: What change could the hope of the resurrection of Christ inspire you to make?

 Week of March 25      Love and Betrayal                                                                                             

 Adult: When have you felt that you betrayed the confidence of another, as Peter did when he denied Jesus?                                               

Child: When have you let someone down who trusted you? How did you feel?

  Week of March 18   The Reward of Faith                                                                                               Adult: When and in what way have you seen life come from death?                                               

Child: When have you felt stronger because you sacrificed something for a friend?                                                       

    Week of March 11                 Source of Light                                           

Adult: What are you doing in your life now to move toward light, rather than darkness?                            

 Child: How can you let the light of your faith in Jesus shine for others to see?                                                         

    Week of March 4                 Through the Eyes of Faith

 Adults-Do you see the world as basically evil or as good? What difference does this make in the way you live?                                                         

Child-How can you let the light of your faith in Jesus shine for others to see?



   Week of February 25           The Assurance of Faith

 Adults-How deeply do you believe that since God is for you, no one can destroyyou?       

Child-What would you like to ask God to do for you and your family?

     Week of February 18          A Change of Heart

 Adults-When or how could you step away from your daily responsibilities to renew yourself, so that you can do a better job of following in the footsteps of Jesus?

 Child-What good habit could you work on during Lent so you could grow closer to God?


    Week of February 11      Models of Christ                                      

Adults-Would you have the courage to tell others to do as you do in order to be a Christian? Why or why not?

Child- What can you do this week to be an example to others? 


     Week of February 4         Comfort for the Sorrowful                                                    

Adult –When have you felt the sadness of Job? When have you felt the joy of those who witnessed the healing works of Jesus?                  

Child –What could you do this week to comfort someone who is sad?


       Week of January 28       Sharing Good News                                                    

Adult –What can you tell others about Jesus with the utmost assurance?                               

Child –What is the most important thing you would like others to know about Jesus? How will you tell or show them?


         Week of January 21   Repent and Believe                                                    

Adult –What part of your life is Jesus calling you to change right now?                                          

Child –In what way do you think you can be a better follower of Jesus?


          Week of January 14     Come and See                                                   

 Adult –What qualities do you have that would cause others to recognize you as a disciple of Jesus?                                                                              Child –What does it look like to be a follower of Jesus?


            Week of January 7         Overcoming Jealousy                                                    

Adult –When have you been jealous or fearful of another person? When are such feelings harmful?                                                               

Child –When have you been jealous because something good happened to another person instead of you? What is the problem with feeling that way?


           Week of December 31         Respect for Elders                                                    

 Adult –What does your family do to honor and respect its older members?                                

Child –Why did Joseph leave Israel? How can he be an example for you?


            Week of December 25        Nativity of the Lord                                                     

 Adult –If Jesus were born today, do you think you would accept him and follow him?                      

Child –What could you and your family do for others during the next week to celebrate the birth of Jesus?


      Week of December 17        Bringing Joy through Justice                                                        

Adult –What work of justice could you do this week to bring someone joy?                                       

Child –What could you do for someone this week to make them happy?


             Week of December 10       Patience                


Adult –With whom could you be more patient this week, as God has been patient with you?


 Child – With whom can you be more patient?


              Week of December 3         God’s Faithfulness                               

Adult –How do you know when you’re following Christ and living his teachings faithfully?                                                      

Child – What good thing might God be asking you to do right now?


              Week of November 26     The Final Judgment                                

Adult – Who are the least of your sisters and brothers for whom you do care? Who are those whom you ignore?                                 

Child – To which person did you especially try to show the love and care of Jesus?


              Week of November 19          Using Your Gifts                                                                       

Adult –What gift have you not developed as you had hoped? What could you still do?


Child – What gift has God given you? What do you want to do with it?


              Week of November 12       Actions and Consequences                                                                        

 Adult –We meet Christ sometimes when we least expect it. How can you be ready to see Him in all the ways He is present?                                     Child – What are some surprising ways in which you meet Christ in your daily life?

             Week of October 29         Love of Neighbor


Adult – In a practical sense, what is one thing that would change in your life if you loved your neighbor as yourself?


Child – Why is it hard sometimes to love your neighbor?

             Week of October 22         Social Responsibility


Adult – How much responsibility do you feel the government should take for meeting the needs of the less fortunate in our society? How willing are you to contribute?


Child –Who needs help in your neighborhood or community? What could you and your family do to help?


           Week of October 15           Living our Faith


Adult – How do you translate your faith into the work of the reign of God?


Child –What three things can you do this week to show that you are a follower of Christ?


           Week of October  8           Dealing with Injustice


Adult –How have you used your talents and abilities well for the reign of God?


Child –What can you do in your week to help the love of God grow in the world??


          Week of October 1              The Challenge to Forgive


Adult –When have your actions not measured up to your promises? What was the outcome?


Child –Why is it important to follow through on your promises to others?


          Week of September 24     God’s Generosity


Adult –What lessons do you draw from today’s Gospel? How has God been generous to you in this way?


Child –Who is generous to you, even when you do not always deserve it?


         Week of September 17       Forgiveness and Mercy


Adult –When someone hurts you, how do you forgive them?


Child –When have you forgiven someone who treated you unfairly?


          Week of September 10       Helping Others Grow  


Adult – How have you been able to follow Christ more closely because others patiently loved you?


 Child – How can you help another person do the right thing?


          Week of September 3         Come, follow me


Adult -- In what concrete ways do you take up your cross and follow Jesus?

Child – When has it been difficult to be a follower of Jesus?

         Week of August 27        Representatives of Christ

 Adult – If you were asked, how would you explain Jesus to a person who had not heard of him?

 Child – Who do you tell people Jesus is?


         Week of August 20       All Are Welcome


Adult – For what do you pray insistently?


Child – For what do you ask God to give you most often?


         Week of August 13       Faith in the Lord


Adult – When have you doubted the loving care of God for you as the apostles did in the boat?


Child – How do you know that Jesus is with you at all times?


        Week of August 6         The Transfiguration of the Lord


Adult - What difference does your faith in Jesus Christ make in your life?


Child - What does it mean to you to be a holy person?


         Week of July 30            Commitment   


Adult-What would you be willing to “sell,” or do without, in order to achieve your dreams for

yourself or your family?


Child-What good thing do you want so much that you would give up something else to get it?



        Week of July 23             Overcoming Weakness  


Adult-What weaknesses can the power of the Spirit help you overcome?


Child-When will you need the help of the Holy Spirit this week?



         Week of July 16             Seeds of Faith


Adult-How do you provide “good soil” for the faith of others to grow?


Child-What are you doing to help the seeds of your faith grow each day?



         Week of July 9              Laying Down Your Burdens  


Adult-When has Jesus refreshed you when you felt burdened by problems?


Child-What burden do you need Jesus to help you carry?


         Week of July 2               Showing Christ to Others


Adult-When have you felt more fully alive by giving of yourself to another?


Child-When have you been able to put what someone else needs ahead of what you want for yourself?


        Week of June 25             The Reassurance of Faith


Adult-When has your faith in Jesus been most seriously tested?


Child-What could you do to encourage someone who is feeling hurt?


         Week of June 18              Bread for Others


Adult-What does it mean for you right now to be bread for others as Jesus was?


Child-In what ways can Jesus’ presence in the Eucharist help you to do good things for others?


         Week  of  June 11             A God of Love


Adult-We live within the Trinity whenever we live in love. How does this mystery connect to your daily life?


Child-How do you choose to live as a more loving person?


         Week  of  June 4              Sent to Serve


Adult-What important work does Jesus ask of you at this time in your life?


Child-How would Jesus want you to treat your friends and family this week?


          Week  of  May  28           Proclaim the Good News


Adult-Jesus promises to be with us always. How do you experience his presence most?


Child-What good news about Jesus could you share with someone?


         Week  of  May  21            The Strength of Faith


Adult-The Spirit gives us inner wisdom and strength. When have you experienced this?


Child-The Holy Spirit makes you strong inside. When do you need to be strong?



        Week  of  May  14             Jesus, the Way


Adult-In a challenge you face right now, what will it mean to live the way of Jesus Christ?



Child-Name some ways you can be more like Jesus when you are playing with your friends or family.



          Week  of  May  7             Called to be Shepherds


Adult-How are you a shepherd to those in your care?


Child-What will you do this week to show you love those around you?      



        Week of April 30            Recognizing the Lord


Adult-In what way have you come to know Jesus better through the breaking of the bread at Eucharist?


Child-When you join Jesus at the table of the Eucharist next Sunday, what would you like to thank him for?



      Week of April 23              Encouraging Others


Adult-We show faith when we demonstrate courage in the face of difficulty. What could you do this week to help strengthen someone?


Child-What could you do this week to encourage someone who is sad or discouraged?


       Week of April 9           Obedience and Humility                                            

Adult-We are called to die to ourselves in love for others. How do you live that in your own life?                           


Child-How do you allow Jesus to live in your life?


      Week of April 2                     Life Everlasting


Adult-Christ calls us from death to new life. To what new life are you being called during this Lent?


Child-How does Jesus help you do what is good and avoid what is not?


     Week of March 26                  Source of Light


Adult-What are you doing in your life right now to move toward the light rather than the darkness?


Child-How can you let the light of your faith in Jesus shine for others to see?                            


     Week of March 19                  Source of Strength


Adult- Where have you found a source of “living water” for your own journey of faith?


Child-Name some times when your belief in Jesus helped make you stronger.                               


      Week of March 12                  Call to Faithfulness


Adult- What difference does your faith in Jesus Christ make in your Life?


Child- What does it mean to you to be a holy person?                              



        Week of February 26          Overcoming Fear



Adult-What things do you worry about most frequently? How do you deal with your worry?


Youth-What can help you worry less about something that might happen?


       Week of February 19           Love of Enemies


Adult-What is the point “of turning the other cheek” in an argument, and why is it so hard to do?


Youth-Who are the people you find it most difficult to forgive?



       Week of February 12         Implications of the New Law


Adult-How do you reconcile with those who have offended you or hurt you?


Youth-When have you taken the first step to make up with someone who has hurt you or whom you have offended?


       Week of February 5          Spreading the Light of Christ  


Adult-In what way might you be hiding the light of Christ from others? What could you do to improve this?


Youth-How can you let the light of Christ in you shine for others this week?


      Week of January 29            Blessed Are We  


Adult-When you heard the Beatitudes announced today, which one struck you most strongly?


Youth- Who is welcome in the reign of God? Who would you like to tell about the reign of God?



     Week of January 22             Jesus the Son of God


Adult-To whom could you preach the gospel of Jesus Christ this week with actions rather than words?


Youth- What could you do for someone this week that would tell them something about Jesus?


      Week of January 15             Jesus the Son of God


Adult-We witness to Christ as John did, by living lives full of generosity, forgiveness, and mercy toward others. When do you find it most difficult to do this?


Youth- Who has surprised you by doing something kind for you when you did not expect it?


     Week of January 8               A Gift for All People


Adult-The Magi were strangers from another land. How do you welcome immigrants and strangers in the name of Christ?


Youth- What could you do to be like a star and lead someone to know about Jesus?


    Week of December 25        The Birth of Jesus


Adult-Why is knowing Jesus important in your life?


Youth- How do you experience Jesus when you give a gift to someone?      



    Week of December 18          Welcoming Light


Adult-Whom do you find it difficult to welcome in your life? What can you do to overcome that?


Youth- What could you do this week to make someone feel welcome, as Joseph welcomed Mary?




    Week of December 11          Actions Worthy of Praise


Adult-How do you prepare yourself to meet Christ in those around you?


Youth- What good thing have you done so far during Advent to be like Jesus?




   Week of December 4            Our Need to Change 


Adult-What do you need to change so that others can learn from watching you that Christ walks among us?

Youth- What could you do so that others will see in you what it means to follow Jesus?


    Week of November 27         Putting on the Light of Christ



Adult-What will you do during advent so that others can see that you have put on the light of Jesus Christ?



 Youth- What will you do during Advent so that others can see the light of Jesus in you?




    Week of November 20           True Authority


Adult-Following the example of Jesus, what is the best way to exercise your authority over others?


 Youth-How do you show responsible leadership?



 Week of November 13            Overcoming Difficulties


Adult-When bad things happen, how do you deal with them?


 Youth-How does it feel when your friends put you down for what you believe?                                   


 Week of November 6             The Dead Will Rise                 


Adult-As a person of faith, reflect on what you believe about death, immortality, resurrection, and heaven.


 Youth-After someone you love dies, how have you experienced the living, merciful God?


 Week of October 30              Welcoming the Sinner 


Adult-During the next week, what could you do to welcome someone who usually feels excluded?


 Youth-How does excluding others from your group of friends make them feel? What could you change to include them?


 Week of October 23               The Reward of Humility  


Adult-When have you gloated over the mistakes of others? How would humbling yourself make it different?


 Youth-Think of a time when you were a “show-off” or practiced being “one up” on someone. What is the problem with this?



 Week of October 16                 Taking Responsibility                




Adult-Whose needs might you be failing to listen to right now? How can you be a better listener so as to meet their needs?                                             




Youth-Who are the people in your life whose needs you need to listen to?






Week of October 9                  Saying Thank You



Adult-Whose generosity do you tend to take for granted? How will you change this?


Youth-When were you generous this week? How was it an act of mercy and compassion?



Week of October 2                     Faithful Christians




Adult-When have you done more than was required of you?




Youth-How do you feel after doing something extra for a family member or a friend?





Week of September 25      The Rich and the Poor

Adult - What actions can you do to show compassionate care for the poor?

Youth - How do you relate or fail to relate toward people who are poor? What is one thing you and your family could do this week to help those who are poor? 


     Week of September 18                 The Value of Honesty         


Adult-When have you justified cheating or deception?


Youth-  How do you deal with friends or acquaintances who are obvious cheaters and/or liars?





     Week of September 11                 Courage to Forgive          


Adult-When have you waited for someone to come home?


Youth-Are you ever angry over the generosity extended toward a person you thought did not deserve it? What motivated you to feel this way? How can you change?





     Week of September 4                        Discerning God’s Will                   


Adult-How do you try to discover what God is asking of you?


Youth-When is it hard for you to know the right thing to do?




      Week of August 28                   Seeking Humility    


Adult - What concrete actions can you take in your community to help and improve the quality of life of the poor and homeless?


Youth - How has the desire for more things been a stumbling block to practicing generosity toward those in need?




      Week of August 14                                             An Unsettling Truth


Adult-When has your taking a strong stand on a moral issue created division in your family or at work, rather than healing in the short term?


Youth-When has your behavior toward your parents or other adults caused division? How can you remedy this?




   Week of August 7                            Seeking Balance        


Adult - Other than Jesus, which of the ancestors of Christian faith has served as the greatest example to you? Why?


Youth - How do you recognize a holy person? How do they help you live your life? 




   Week of July 31                   Seeking Balance     




Adult  -  When did possessions become too important in your life?


Youth  -  Ask yourself what possessions you can live without.   Once you decide, give away what you don’t need to someone who does need them. 




 Week of July 24            Daily Prayer    


Adult-Prayer is described as dialogue with God. What will you ask of God this week?


Youth-As you move through the week how can you praise, thank, and ask God for help?




   Week of July 17              Holy Visitors    


 Adult-Which response to God’s call is more natural to you—prayer or action? Why?


Youth-In the past week, when have you prayed and when have you done good things for others?  Which could you do better?




   Week of July 10                        Acting with Mercy


Adult-When have you gone out of your way to help a stranger in need?


Youth-Would you go out of your way to help someone even if you were ridiculed for doing it?




   Week of July 3                      Accepting the Christian Message   


  Adult-Where do you see the message of Christian faith being rejected in the world today? What is your response to that?


  Youth-Do your friends and acquaintances make fun of the way you practice your faith? How do you respond to them?






  Week of June 12                       The Courage to Forgive


Adult-When have you felt forgiven by a merciful God? Who do you need to forgive right now?


Youth-Who do you need to forgive this week? How will you do this?




  Week of May 29               Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ         Service to Others      


  Adult-What are the many prayers and services you do in memory of Jesus? How does the Eucharist nourish you to serve? 


  Youth- When have you served others even when you were exhausted?




Week of May 22              Trinity Sunday                   The Spirit of Truth


Adult-In what difficult situation has the Holy Spirit helped you see more clearly?


Youth- What are some ways the Holy Spirit has helped you in your life?




Week of May 15              Pentecost Sunday                Gifts for Service


Adult- What gifts of service have you receives from the Holy Spirit and how well are you using them right now?


Youth- Ponder the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, wisdom, understanding, right judgment, courage, knowledge, reverence, wonder and awe. Which of these do you already practice or do you need to start practicing?




Week of May 1                 Sixth Sunday of Easter   


Adult-How does the merciful and compassionate Jesus dwell with you in your home?


          How do you show compassion and mercy to your family?


Youth- How do you experience Jesus and his Father being at home  with you and your family?