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Social Justice

Social Justice Opportunities

Church of the Holy Trinity
Previously Social Justice and Community Concerns Mission
Report to Parish Council
August 18, 2015 
Current Active Projects:
1. Salvation Army Soup  Kitchen – Funded by a parishioner, a group of three or four people serve a lunch once a month to 50 to 80 people. Other volunteers provide desserts for these lunches.

2. Share a Christmas, Northern Tuscarawas County -- COHT is responsible for providing to approximately 90 low income families hats, gloves, mittens and socks as Christmas gifts for these families. Starting in late October or early November, the parish is asked to donate these items. Donations from K of C and the project director is used to supplement needed supplies.

3. Bolivar Food Pantry – COHT with the assistance of St. Joe girl scouts, collects money to purchase food for the pantry. February is COHT’s month to supply food.

4. Respect Life – In the past this mission has promoted Respect Life through various bulletin inserts, posters and handouts. 

5. Friends of the Homeless – A collection basket for supplies for the homeless shelter is in the hallway.  These items are delivered almost weekly to the home on East High Ave. in New Philadelphia.

6. Blood Mobile – The Aultman Hospital Blood Mobile visits COHT approximately every 10 weeks.

7. Wheels of Hope – This is an independent organization that provides off -shore missions with mobility and durable medical equipment at no charge. Two COHT parishioners volunteer with Wheels of Hope repairing this equipment. More on this item when we get to opportunities.

8. Tuscarawas County Men’s Breakfast – This falls more under   evangelization. 60 to 80 men meet monthly hosted by various churches throughout the county. COHT usually host a breakfast once each year providing breakfast and a program.  This is a great ecumenical program that has brought many favorable comments from the participants. They have been particularly impressed with Mary’s Garden. (Added feature: a number of these men have brought their families to the fish fries.) 

Opportunities:  Our goal should be two fold.

First, try to minimize the reliance of second collections as our main source of community service. The parishioners are stretched thin with the many collections that we do have, critical as they are. 

Secondly, get the church out of the building. Many volunteer opportunities exist but many are in the center of the county (Dover and N. Phila).  I would invite the priests and anyone else to take a tour with me to visit these agencies so that you can meet the leaders, see the work that is being done and understand the help that is needed.

When Fr. Ron first came to the valley, we spent a day visiting five facilities including Birthrite, the food bank when it was operating, the Salvation Army and ate in the soup kitchen, a first for Fr. Ron. We also visited the Friends of the Homeless and the domestic violence shelter (Harbor House). Several years ago an economic study of the 5 townships making up northern Tuscarawas County was prepared. This should be updated.

Also, it would be wise to introduce new projects slowly to prevent overload. We still have the issue of a few people doing most of the work.  The hard part is getting more people involved. We need to make people not just church members but Disciples of Christ. Why are we here?  When we are an inward thinking church, we are only about ourselves. Christ preached in the Synagogue but did most of His ministry on the streets and in the towns. His church was not in a building but out where the people were.  

1. Right to Life – 

2. Tour various organizations

3. Friends of the Homeless – 

4. Feeding the poor –Daily lunches

5. Food Bank – 

6. Tanzania –

7. Sister parish  in Tanzania

8. Mission Trips – to disaster areas

9. Wounded Veterans –

10. Prison Ministry 

11. Keeping track of parishioners who move to another location. 

12. Mentoring at risk youth through T4C program.

13. Assisting or tutor youth with homework. 

14. Wherever our imagination takes us.