Church of the Holy Trinity

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Liturgy Committee Meeting Sept,30 2016


                    Liturgy Meeting 9/30/2016


Ministry Training –Robin to train lectors, possible dates 11/5, 11/6. Lyn and Nate Ackerman to do server training 10/30 after 9 am mass. Tony and Fr. Jonathan to do Eucharistic ministers. Dave Weiland for greeters. Hope to have all training done by 1st weekend of November


Feast of All Saints 11/1 Mass at 7 pm music by Folk choir.


Mass of Remembrance (All Souls) 11/2 Mass at 7 pm. John will contact Tim


Closing of Year of Mercy 11/20 Feast of Christ the King-was suggested to put Mercy banners in the church the week before and then take them down and store after Feast of Christ the King


Thanksgiving activity-Lyn reported the Bolivar ministerial group will be preparing and delivering  Thanksgiving meals on Sunday 11/20 between 3 and 5pm to people in the Bolivar area. There will be a sign-up within each participating church for those wanting meals. Holy Trinity will provide mashed potatoes. Will also recruit help from HT to prepare and deliver meals.


Community Thanksgiving service will be Sunday evening at 7pm at St. John’s in Bolivar. Edie suggested finding out if they want to do a community choir. Mark will check on this?   


Thanksgiving Mass 11/23 Mass at 7 pm at Holy Trinity. Mary Anne will set a Thanksgiving table. Encourage people to bring food for blessing. Folk choir will do music


Feast of Immaculate Conception 12/8 Mass at 7 pm- John will call Tim regarding music


Advent books, handouts for adults and kids – Have 50 adult books from past “Waiting for God” that will use and will order “The Dear Christ Enters In” for adults and order “Your Advent Adventure” for kids


Common song for Advent- John proposed Ready the Way by Steve Angrisano. Traditional choir will try it also


“Room at the Inn”-Planning for Christmas visitors. Suggestions: send Christmas card to parishioners inviting them to Christmas Mass. Ask ushers to be at doors to help handicapped to get from car to church. Have parishioners in good health park in lower lot to leave main lot open for elderly or disabled. Have 2 people greeting and holding outside doors and kids with adults at inner church doors handing out books and worship aids. Ask ushers at Christmas Eve masses to stay in back of church until after the “Gloria” in case they need to seat late comers. Have bulletin insert detailing guidelines, activities, welcoming at Christmas Masses. The Sunday before Christmas Fr. Jonathan will mention at Mass some if the plans to extend hospitality to make everyone welcome at Christmas Masses hoping they will return. Christmas décor for entrance doors( Mary Anne will do), outside lighting (Lyn will talk to Tony Gallagher and also some of the younger men of the parish about helping), lights at Mary’s garden- Fr. suggested asking Paula Cush and Karen McDonnell.


Masses Christmas Eve  at 6 pm and 9 pm and Christmas Day Mass at 9 am / Music  for Masses- Folk choir at 6, Traditional choir at 9pm, Edie volunteered to do Christmas Day


Susan Labish would like PSR kids to be involved in liturgy- after discussion with group and Fr. Jonathan it was decided that John and MaryAnne will contact Susan to meet and plan liturgy together. Fr. also suggested using teens and not children as lectors for Christmas and that children could be used in other roles such as handing out books/ worship aids, helping with collection baskets.  I emailed Susan with that info.


Worship Aides for Christmas? Both groups will do worship aides for the masses


Christmas Flowers Collection – will put notice in bulletin beginning last weekend of Nov. and will collect  money through  December 18


New years Eve Mass at 4:30 pm, New Years Day at 9 am- 4:30 music by traditional choir, 9am by folk choir


New Mass Setting-Edie suggested Mass of Christ the Savior by Dan Schutte. John will look at it. Edie would like to start learning new mass ASAP


Altar cloths- John will continue to search on ebay.


Albs for visiting priests-Fr. Jonathan reports need for small, medium, and large alb to be available when have more than 1 priest celebrating Mass. Office will order


1 Green and 1 White Chasuble- per Fr. Jonathan’s request, will order 2 green and 1 white chasuble needed when more than I priest at mass. Office will order


Lenten Mission Speaker- Fr. Jonathan suggested getting speaker for Lenten mission. He is waiting for Fr. Ty to give him name and # of speaker from diocese. (I have an email in to Fr. Thomas Blau, at Fr. Jonathan’s request, to see if he is available)


FYI Liturgy does have a budget. So if we need some things for the Christmas season  (Lights, wreaths etc) we can budget some of that money. Will need purchase order for amount over $50 before buying, if you want reimbursed. Our fiscal year for our budget is from July 1 2016-June 30 2017


Next meeting date:TBD