Church of the Holy Trinity

A Family - Centered Catholic Church Serving Northern Tuscarawas County


Liturgy Committee Meeting Mar, 2016


                                        Liturgy Committee Meeting 3/8/16


Attending: Fr. Jonathan, Mary Anne O’Donnell, Robin Rokisky, Beth Houze, John Wojcicki, Edie Price, Lyn Houze


Opening Prayer: Fr. Jonathan


Discussion and Coordination of Ideas:


Much discussion and many questions about possible purchase of new music books.


What are the needs? How do we meet the needs of the congregation? What is the budget for new hymnals? Is there value to the liturgy to buy new books?


John had several hymnals for review. It was agreed to look at Glory &Praise 3, Spirit & Song, and ILP-You Are Holy.


Further discussion regarding hymnals was tabled by Fr. Jonathan in order to address Holy Week/Easter


Fr. Jonathan would like the congregation to be more involved in singing the Psalm response. Stated that the Psalm is part of Liturgy of the Word, and that Psalm should be more sing-able for the people  in order to encourage active participation.




Formation and Training:


Fr. Jonathan will hold training /review session for servers and readers who are scheduled for Holy Week and Easter Vigil services after 9 a.m. Mass on Palm Sunday. E-mails will be sent by the office informing servers and readers of the mandatory training session


Lyn will get people for washing of feet.




Preparation for Holy Week/Easter:


Palm Sunday-Will follow rubrics as listed in the Breaking Bread Book


Discussed flow of blessing of the palms and the procession along with alternate plan for inclement weather


No bells after Gloria on Holy Thursday until the Gloria at Easter Vigil


Worship aids will be printed for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil


Invitations will be mailed to parishioners inviting them and reminding them to participate in Holy Week/ Easter Services.


Reconciliation will be offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of Holy Week from 4-6 p.m.


What can be improved:


After Easter, will start making  announcements before the final blessing to assist the flow of the liturgy.


Closing prayer: Fr. Jonathan


Next Meeting date: Tuesday, May  10, 2016 at 7 p.m.