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Church as God's Universal Sacrement of Salvation course for adults

Hi Everyone,
We will meet this Sunday afternoon at 4:00, as usual, even though I'm not sure the kid's PSR is still going on.
I've attached the last lesson's notes on Historical Tensions and the Challenge of church Unity to this email.
This Sunday's Lesson will be on Magisterium - The Teaching Authority of The Church, and will deal with subjects such as Infallibility, Inspiration, Authority and Commissioning.

Lesson 8 - Historical Tensions and the Challenge of Church Unity

Hope to see you there!

Lesson 7 - The Role of Saint Peter and the Papacy in the Church

Lesson 6 - The College of Bishops

Lesson 5 - Body of Christ_Bride of Christ

Lesson 4 - The Church Observed in the New Testament

Lesson 3

Lesson 2 - Foreshadowings in The Old Testament

Lesson 1 - The Church as Mystery