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With Christmas Day falling on a Sunday this year, more and more people are right on the line—or on the other side of it —when deciding whether or not to attend Mass. An invitation can make the difference in them attending.  This year Holy Trinity is making a special effort to make "ROOM AT THE INN", by prompting us all to extend invitations to our circle of neighbors and friends, to join us at Christmas Mass on December 24 at 6:00PM or 9:00PM, OR on December 25th at 9:00AM.   All Masses will be preceded by 30 minutes of Christmas music and caroling.

A direct personal invitation from parishioners to their family members, friends, or neighbors is the most effective way to attract people to our parish. Many of us would love to do this, but need a suggestion and a little help with a suitable resource and plan. First of all, remember that these should be “guilt-free” invitations that stress that the
invitee is welcome and "we'd love to have you join us".  Second, pray for the ones you are inviting.  Finally, relax, and let The Holy Spirit do the rest.  God only needs a "mustard seed" from us, and will do the rest according to His will and His timing. 

The invitation itself could be a personal conversation, a note in a Christmas card, a phone call, or a Facebook or email invitation.  If you feel that a simple email invitation is appropriate, feel free to send the following link to your contacts, along with a short note saying how much you would love to see them at Christmas Mass this year.  Simply copy and paste the following link or photo at the end of your email:





God Bless You, as you perform this evangelization work!