Church of the Holy Trinity

A Family - Centered Catholic Church Serving Northern Tuscarawas County

Pastoral Council

Mark Cush - President

Rick Christ - Vice President

Mark Capuano - Secretary

Rick Cercone

Paula Cush

Cathy Morris

Amy Rowland

Dave Weiland

Jo Ann Yost

Mission Directors

Worship:  Mark Capuano & Joanne Yost

Culture Building:  Paula Cush & Kathy Morris

Formation:  Rick Cercone & Rick Christ

Evangelization: Dave Weiland & Amy Rowland


August 2015 Meeting Minutes

Parish Council Meeting - Church of the Holy Trinity

August 17, 2015

In attendance were  Loren Wallace, Deacon Lyn, Mark Cush, Dave Weiland, Paula Cush, Mark Capuano, Rick Christ , Amy Rowland, Jo Ann Yost, Cathy Morris and Rick Cercone.  Father Jeff,  and Father Jonathan were absent.  Loren began the meeting with a presentation of the opportunities for service as part of the Social Justice Committee.  An outline of his presentation is attached to these minutes.  It was apparent to all that there are many challenges and possibilities for our parish to be of service to the community.  Our task for the next meeting will be to select one or more of these needs to the parish for volunteer service.  Loren's presentation will also soon be included as a bulletin insert, and perhaps portions of it can become a regular part of our announcements at Mass.

 Mark Cush opened the regular meeting in prayer, and the July meeting minutes were approved. 

Committee Reports :

The Building Committee is preparing to reconvene in September, and progress toward the new Church building, is anticipated at that time.  A request has been made for us to open up funding and donations again toward our new worship space.  Their meeting, in conjunction with the Finance Committee, is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 8th.

Finance Council Update

Deacon Lyn and Dave Weiland advised us that the parking lot is in need of repair and resealing.  The Finance Committee is currently looking for grant monies and contractor quotes for this major task. 

Work on the roof has not been completed, but the source of leaking has been identified (water is leaking below one of the AC units).  Blausenhour's has been contacted for this job.  Profit/loss documents were also passed around for review.  

It was suggested that our statement of contributions in the bulletin should also include a monthly needs amount, so parishioners can see how we are doing with respect to finances. 

Two new members of the Finance Committee are Tasha Lorenze and Matt Fockler.  Congratulations, and welcome!  May God bless you in your service to your parish. 

Missions Reports: 

Worship:  We were advised that new hymnals are being investigated, along with the new missals for Mass.  Also, a person is needed to launder the altar supplies. 

Formation:  The 2015-16 Adult Faith Formation schedule was submitted.  This year's topics will often point to the subject of Divine Mercy, in conjunction with Pope Francis' declaration of a Jubilee Year of Mercy, beginning December 8th.    Deacon Lyn will begin posting requests for this year's RCIA classes - especially adults who are seeking to learn more about becoming Catholic.

Evangelization:  It was suggested that a retreat be planned for the upcoming liturgical year; perhaps one for men and one for women.  Beth Houze and Amy Rowland will begin searching for candidates to speak at a retreat, as well as arranging an organizational planner update at a future council meeting. 

Culture Building:  Amy and Cathy continue to search for Outside and Inside Maintenance Superintendents.  These positions should be prominently advertized on the bulletin board.  We were reminded that a fully developed maintenance list would go a long way toward explaining the roles of these potential volunteers, and make the position less daunting to those who might consider it.  Maintaining the bulletin boards at the main entrance was also discussed.

Old Business:

In response to our challenge from last month to conduct "Meet and Greet" conversations before and after Mass, Jo Ann related her experiences.  Parishioners see our main strength as being a Family Friendly parish.  Jo Ann stated that this cannot be emphasized enough.  People LIKE this parish, and its friendly, informal atmosphere!   Regarding opportunities for improvement, suggestions were made that there should be more opportunities for ladies' ministry, as well as a family life ministry.  Some also mentioned they missed having the bulletins distributed before Mass.  

New Business:

We were reminded that Father Jonathan's homily from the Feast of the Assumption is available on the Parish Website. 

The RCIA team is in need of members and mentors.  This will be discussed with Father Jeff.  The PSR schedule will soon be posted for this year. 

There seems to be a problem communicating the second collection to ushers and parishioners.  Deacon Lynn will also discuss this with Pastor Jeff. 

After many years of wonderful service, Frank Price is stepping away from his leadership role of heading up our fund raisers.  At age 81, Frank is ready to hand this important job over to another individual.  It will be difficult to fill his shoes, but we are confident The Lord has someone in mind for the job.  THANKS FRANK!!! 

Mark Cush reminded us to verbally promote the Bible Studies and Formation classes with people in the parish, as well as others we know in the community.

Several women in the parish have inquired about an informal women's group which  meets periodically for lunch.  This is a social opportunity, and is not officially a parish group, yet the Council certainly recognizes it, and encourages those involved.  Perhaps it could even be advertized in the bulletin, if the participants  are so inclined.

The new sound system and carpeting is being well received by many in the parish.  Thanks to the Catholic Foundation, the Knights of Columbus, and the anonymous donor(s) who made this possible!

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 15th, at 7:00PM. 

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Capuano  


Loren's Presentation:


Church of the Holy Trinity

Previously Social Justice and Community Concerns Mission Report to Parish Council

August 18, 2015 UPDATE


Current Active Projects:

1. Salvation Army Soup Kitchen – Funded by a parishioner, a group of three or four people serve a lunch once a month to 50 to 80 people. Other volunteers provide desserts for these lunches.

2. Share a Christmas, Northern Tuscarawas County -- COHT is responsible for providing to approximately 90 low income families hats, gloves, mittens and socks as Christmas gifts for these families. Starting in late October or early November, the parish is asked to donate these items. Donations from K of C and the project director is used to supplement needed supplies.

3. Bolivar Food Pantry – COHT with the assistance of St. Joe girl scouts, collects money to purchase food for the pantry. February is COHT’s month to supply food.

4. Respect Life – In the past this mission has promoted Respect Life through various bulletin inserts, posters and handouts.

5. Friends of the Homeless – A collection basket for supplies for the homeless shelter is in the hallway. These items are delivered almost weekly to the home on East High Ave. in New Philadelphia.

6. Blood Mobile – The Aultman Hospital Blood Mobile visits COHT approximately every 10 weeks.

7. Wheels of Hope – This is an independent organization that provides off -shore missions with mobility and durable medical equipment at no charge. Two COHT parishioners volunteer with Wheels of Hope repairing this equipment. More on this item when we get to opportunities.

8. Tuscarawas County Men’s Breakfast – This falls more under evangelization. 60 to 80 men meet monthly hosted by various churches throughout the county. COHT usually host a breakfast once each year providing breakfast and a program. This is a great ecumenical program that has brought many favorable comments from the participants. They have been particularly impressed with Mary’s Garden. (Added feature: a number of these men have brought their families to the fish fries.)



Our goal should be two fold. 1. Try to minimize the reliance of second collections as our main source of community service. The parishioners are stretched thin with the many collections that we do have, critical as they are. Secondly, get the church out of the building. Many volunteer opportunities exist but many are in the center of the county (Dover and N. Phila). I would invite the priests and anyone else to take a tour with me to visit these agencies so that you can meet the leaders, see the work that is being done and understand the help that is needed. When Fr. Ron first came to the valley, we spent a day visiting five facilities including Birthrite, the food bank when it was operating, the Salvation Army and ate in the soup kitchen, a first for Fr. Ron. We also visited the Friends of the Homeless and the domestic violence shelter (Harbor House).

Several years ago an economic study of the 5 townships making up northern Tuscarawas County was prepared. This should be updated.

Also, it would be wise to introduce new projects slowly to prevent overload. We still have the issue of a few people doing most of the work. The hard part is getting more people involved. We need to make people not just church members but Disciples of Christ. Why are we here? When we are an inward thinking church, we are only about ourselves. Christ preached in the Synagogue but did most of His ministry on the streets and in the towns. His church was not in a building but out where the people were.

1. Right to Life –

2. Tour various organizations

3. Friends of the Homeless –

4. Feeding the poor –Daily lunches

5. Food Bank –

6. Tanzania –

7. Sister parish in Tanzania

8. Mission Trips – to disaster areas

9. Wounded Veterans –

10. Prison Ministry

11. Keeping track of parishioners who move to another location.

12. Mentoring at risk youth through T4C program.

13. Assisting or tutor youth with homework.

14. Wherever our imagination takes us.

July 2015 Meeting Minutes


Parish Council Meeting - Church of the Holy Trinity


July 21, 2015


In attendance were  Father Jonathan, Mark Cush, Dave Weiland, Paula Cush, Mark Capuano, Rick Christ , Amy Rowland, and Jo Ann Yost.  Cathy Morris, Rick Cercone, Father Jeff,  and Deacon Lyn were absent.  Mark Cush opened in prayer, and the June meeting minutes were approved.  Mark Cush explained to us the new meeting agenda format, which will help keep us on track and moving forward.


Committee Reports :


The Building Committee is preparing to reconvene in August, and progress toward the new Church building, is anticipated at that time.


Finance Council Update


Dave Weiland updated us on recent progress, as we reviewed balance sheets for the 2014-15 fiscal year.  We showed a positive cash balance for the year, exceeding the revenues from our Spring fund raisers.  This represents a major accomplishment, and meets a goal which we had only hoped to achieve next year!  It will certainly be seen as a major positive by the diocese, which is considering giving us the green light toward our Church building efforts.  The new budget looks good, and should be ready to review and send to Columbus after our August meeting. 


The Finance Council is currently interviewing candidates for two open positions at this time.  They have also asked us to prepare a list of topics and ideas for Fr. Jonathan to address and clarify from the pulpit during future Sunday Mass announcements.


Missions Reports: 


Worship:  Jo Ann suggested one topic for review is to ask for volunteers to serve in one of the worship positions at Sunday Mass.  Mark Capuano outlined a plan to assist in making sure people know and respond to their schedules for service assignments.


Formation:  Rick Christ reported that over 70 children attended to recent VBS  event.  Everyone agreed that it was a huge success, and that Susan Labish, and her team of volunteers did a fantastic job.  We are so blessed to have people with a heart for the souls of children in our community! 


Evangelization:  Welcoming visitors should be a regular part of our time prior to Mass.  This is especially true for members of the Parish Pastoral Council, and we were challenged to make this a priority.  Loren Wallace is asking that we also encourage others and ourselves to do more community outreach work, as part of our evangelization, and social justice mission.  We were reminded of our Church history and teachings concerning a preference for the poor and needy.  A meeting with Loren should be scheduled to develop ideas.


Culture Building:  Amy and Cathy continue to search for Outside and Inside Maintenance leaders  These positions should be prominently advertised on the bulletin board.  Father Jonathan advised us that someone should be assigned to oversee the posting and maintenance of these boards at the main entrance.


Old Business:


One suggestion for filling the Maintenance position - which seems to be a daunting task to potential volunteers - would be to fully develop the maintenance list as it currently exists.  this will go a long way toward explaining the roles of these potential volunteers, as we seek to strengthen the logistics and performance of various PM jobs.  Mark will present this list - in its current form - at our next meeting.


There is a down-loadable link on the diocesan web page to a liability waiver, which could be accessed whenever parish facilities are being used by non-parishioners.  Kristi will investigate and verify this for us.  We should also be checking to assure that we have the logistics in place for the rental of our fellowship hall, which will become a prominent source of revenues once the Church has been built.  This would include an Event Coordinator task. 


The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was a successful event for bringing together those who serve our parish.  Additional activities should be planned, with the purpose of bonding this group of committed individuals. 


Mark Cush asked us to verbally promote the Bible Studies and Formation classes with people in the parish, as well as others we know in the community.


New Business:


Mark Cush also talked about a Matthew Kelly event coming up soon, and told us this was a worthwhile activity to promote in the parish bulletin.  A poster for the lobby board could also be prepared. 


Fr. Jonathan proposed that we consider a personal renewal event for Holy Trinity, which could include a planned retreat, with a speaker, and Reconciliation availability.  This should also certainly include babysitting and child care for young families.  We might consider this a potential Fall activity.


As a follow up to the discussion concerning visitors, we were individually challenged to introduce ourselves to at least two new people every month, welcome them to our parish, and ask them what the Church could do for them.  We could also seek guidance concerning what they think we are doing right, and where they see a need for improvement.  This will be a priority task for the next meeting.  


Our next meeting will be Tuesday, August 17th at 7:00PM. 


Respectfully submitted,


Mark Capuano  








Perhaps we can help. Please contact any Parish Pastoral Council member with a problem or concern that you feel needs attention. We will work with you to try to resolve the issue. Let's all work towards a better, stronger Parish! 

Thank you - from the PPC