Church of the Holy Trinity

A Family - Centered Catholic Church Serving Northern Tuscarawas County

Pastoral Council

Mark Cush - President

Rick Christ - Vice President

Mark Capuano - Secretary

Rick Cercone

Paula Cush

Cathy Morris

Amy Rowland

Dave Weiland

Jo Ann Yost

Mission Directors

Worship:  Mark Capuano & Joanne Yost

Culture Building:  Paula Cush & Kathy Morris

Formation:  Rick Cercone & Rick Christ

Evangelization: Dave Weiland & Amy Rowland


February 2014 Meeting Minutes

Pastoral Council Meeting - Church of the Holy Trinity

February 16, 2014

Dave Weiland opened with prayer, then Doug Dillon presented a short preview of the Parish website which he and Keith Fockler are developing. They are asking for our creative ideas and guidance in developing a plan for its use.

Annette Prokop reviewed the Parish budget and financials, which had earlier been presented to the congregation after Mass. She emphasized the Finance Council's goals to continue paying our bills, and to realize a time where all primary funding will come from the offerings, with fund raising events contributing only toward specific projects.

January meeting minutes were approved by Mark Cush and Karen McDonnell, and we began discussions regarding Parish Missions and ministers. As each mission was defined by Dave Weiland - in reading from the charter documents - we considered which missions would be kept, which could be combined, and individuals who might best serve as directors and Council coordinators. The following is a brief summary of these discussions:

1.) The Mission of Social Justice will be retained, with Loren Wallace as its director, and Margaret Gursky as coordinator. The Council is asking that its areas of ministry be further defined and expanded in the coming year.

2.) The Family Life Mission will be redefined and potentially incorporated into the suggested new position of Volunteer Coordinator, as recommended by the Finance Council. This will also be the case regarding the Communications Mission. Council felt that such a skilled and talented Volunteer may prove to be the correct individual to schedule, advise and harmonize the functions which previously comprised these two missions. Deacon Lyn supported these thoughts, which will be brought to the Finance Council by Dave Weiland at their next meeting.

3.) The Education Mission was seen as very important, although a director has not yet been selected. The continuation of its primary functions (PSR, RCIA, Library, Bible Studies, Seminars, Workshops, etc.) will remain under their respective leaders, and as approved by Deacon Lyn and Father Coning, with Rick Cercone as the Council coordinator. A director will be sought either through personal contact or request to the congregation.

4.) The Maintenance Mission is responsible for the temporal upkeep of parish property, including buildings, cemeteries, and property. In addition to repairs, lawn upkeep, snow removal and property improvements fall under this important mission. Dave Schaub will continue as director, with Mark Cush and Dave Weiland serving as Council co-coordinators.

5.) The Mission of Liturgy will continue under the direction of John Wojcicki, with Mark Capuano as the Council coordinator. We are also asking for a rough annual budget estimate from this mission for the next Council Meeting.

In other new business, it was decided that Dave Weiland will continue to bring meeting notes and minutes from the Finance Council, so our synergism will continue to benefit the Parish. In light of this, we completely endorse the idea of promoting sponsorship and/or funding via individual and memorial contributions toward specific financial needs. These "projects" would be defined by the Finance Council, potentially administered by the Volunteer Coordinator, and presented to the congregation via bulletin inserts, and announcements. Excellent idea!

The suggestion to acquire a parish credit card, authorized solely by Father Coning and Deacon Lyn for pre-approved purchases was also approved.

Our next meeting will be Sunday March 23rd, after the 5:30PM Mass

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Capuano


Perhaps we can help. Please contact any Parish Pastoral Council member with a problem or concern that you feel needs attention. We will work with you to try to resolve the issue. Let's all work towards a better, stronger Parish! 

Thank you - from the PPC