Church of the Holy Trinity

A Family - Centered Catholic Church Serving Northern Tuscarawas County

Pastoral Council

Mark Cush - President

Rick Christ - Vice President

Mark Capuano - Secretary

Rick Cercone

Paula Cush

Cathy Morris

Amy Rowland

Dave Weiland

Jo Ann Yost

Mission Directors

Worship:  Mark Capuano & Joanne Yost

Culture Building:  Paula Cush & Kathy Morris

Formation:  Rick Cercone & Rick Christ

Evangelization: Dave Weiland & Amy Rowland


August 2014 Meeting Minutes

Pastoral Council Meeting - Church of the Holy Trinity

 August 19, 2014

 In attendance were, Deacon Lyn, Father Coning, Father Tompson, Margaret Gursky, Dave Schaub, Mark Capuano, Dave Weiland, Rick Christ, Paula Cush, Mark Cush and Rick Cercone.  Karen McDonnell had been excused.  Dave Weiland opened in prayer, and helped us review the question of the week:  Recalling the gospel account of the Samaritan woman pleading for her daughter, for what do I pray insistently?

 Missions Reports

 Maintenance:  Dave Schaub reported that the Knox Box has been installed at the front door, the keys are inside, and the sheriff's office has been given the code.  Special thanks to Father Ty for installing a new doorbell at the office entrance.

 Education:  In addition to PSR classes, Adult Faith Formation education will begin on Sunday September 14th after the 9:00 Mass.  Father Jeff and Father Ty will help kick things off for this class, especially in the first few weeks.  These classes/discussions will run concurrent with PSR, and follow the same schedule.

 Finance:  Dave Weiland met with the Finance Council, and it has been decided that ceiling repairs will not be included in the request for grant monies from The Catholic Foundation.  Instead, this application will concentrate on improvements to the sound system, safety issues, and other general improvements.  We are seeking a $7,000 grant, with an application going out before September 8th. 


Old Business:

 The position of Volunteer Coordinator has been awarded to two awesome parishioners - Cathy Morris and Amy Rowland.  We are excited to begin this new ministry, and owe a huge debt of gratitude to these special ladies!   

 The office reports that of the 342 census letters sent out, 178 were returned.  Follow up of the remaining 164 families will take place this month. A meeting was held on August 18th to determine how best to contact those who did not respond, and council members, along with others (16 in all) have each been asked to attempt a personal contact via phone with at least 10 families.  Each of the 16 individuals were given their list of contacts.  The deadline for this work will be August 26th.

Some of the needed work on Mary's Garden has already been done, and the area looks much better.  A local monument company will be contacted to determine how best to proceed with cleaning and restoration of her statue.  Rick Cercone suggested that donations from the parish be sought for this special work.  It was decided to place a request in the bulletin. 

Mark Cush reported on the recent training event held with regard to the use of the newly refurbished defibrillator.  Twelve people were trained by Joe Hafer, and plans are to expand this training to others - including council members.  Dave Weiland will send a special "Thank You" note to Joe for his gracious donation of time and talent, without which we would have been required to pay a trainer several hundred dollars! 

Dave Weiland reported that several new faces were among those helping out at the Zoar Harvest Festival.  This is yet another indication that the Lord is indeed blessing our Church!  The event was quite successful, both as a community event, and as a fund raiser for our parish.  


New Business:

 Getting to know Father T and Father Jeff:  This "Meet The Priests" event has been scheduled as a covered dish/wiener roast on the afternoon of Sunday, September 7th at 4:30PM. Hot dogs, buns and drinks will be provided by the parish.  The event is currently being advertized in the bulletin and parish website.

We were reminded that the blood drive will be held on Wednesday September 3rd. 

A suggestion was made to schedule a "Power Wash Event" this Fall to clean the church building and rectory.  This will be further examined at the next council meeting, on Tuesday evening September 16th at 7:00PM at the Church.

Respectfully submitted,

 Mark Capuano  


July 2014 Meeting Minutes

Pastoral Council Meeting - Church of the Holy Trinity
July 15, 2014

In attendance were, Deacon Lyn, Karen McDonnell, Dave Schaub, Mark Capuano, Dave Weiland, Rick Christ, Paula Cush, Mark Cush and Rick Cercone.  Annette Prokop was also present to review the Finance Council's proposed 2014-15 budget.  Margaret Gursky and Father Coning were absent.  Mark Cush opened in prayer.
Annette explained to us that the financial picture for the 2013-14 fiscal year was quite encouraging.  Excluding the building fund loss for returned contributions, the parish showed a financial net positive.  For this reason, and considering recent weekly contributions, the Finance Council believes this year's budget can be met, even though - with the arrival of Father Tomson - it is significantly higher.  Extraordinary income gains are anticipated for this fiscal year from a diocesan credit due to returned building fund moneys, as well as anticipated grant monies.  The Finance Council will include a simplified 2014-15 budget to the parish as a supplement in the July 27th bulletin.

After some brief discussion Annette excused herself, and the regular meeting ensued.  Last month's minutes were approved, and the Question of the Week was discussed: How do you provide "good soil" for others to grow in their faith?

Missions Reports

Maintenance:  The defibrillator is now fully maintained, up to code, and is ready to hang.  Mark Cush is still trying to pin down a weekend for training Ushers and Gatekeepers in its use.  The Knox Box is also read to be placed at the front door.  Special thanks to Paul Ackerman for volunteering to finish the ceiling in the Ladies' restroom, and re-shingle the shed!

Social Justice:  Loren Wallace has reported that his request for Tuscarawas County Soup Kitchen volunteers was met with overwhelming support.  Enough wonderful souls stepped up to completely meet our commitments for this entire year!  Many thanks and blessings to those who responded.

Liturgy:  Extended worship schedules have been sent out for the Masses up to Thanksgiving.  The Folk Choir will predominately minister at 9:00AM on Sundays, and the Traditional Choir at the 4:30 Saturday Mass, but there are exceptions with Tim and others providing a good blend and variety of worship experiences for all.  John Wojcicki has the schedule for anyone interested.  As always, new singers are welcome in both choirs.

Education:  Rick Cercone reported that registrations for this year's Vacation Bible School have be excellent.  Susan Labish is anticipating 50 to 60 children at Holy Trinity, which is sponsoring the 2014 event.  Prayers were requested for this important ministry to our community.

Finance:  The Finance Council is considering resuming the sale of Giant Eagle gift cards, as long as diocesan procedures are strictly followed.

Old Business:

The position of Volunteer Coordinator has been posted via the Parish website and bulletin insert.  There have already been responses and inquiries concerning this important position.

Responses are also arriving to the July census letter and form mailings.  A follow-up meeting will be scheduled to determine how best to use this information for purposes of ministry, administrative tasks, and diocesan assessments.

Our new visiting priest, Fr. Arresti from Tanzania, will soon arrive.  Fr. Rigobert will be returning to Ohio University on July 30th.  At least 5 individuals will greatly miss the daily Masses.

Congratulations to Tana Cush, who is our new Church Custodian.  Everyone, please offer her our encouragement, thanks, and assistance.

Some of the needed work on Mary's Garden has been done, as well as work on the rectory in preparation for Fr. Tomson's arrival.

New Business:

Getting to know Father T and Father Jeff:  This "Meet The Priest" event will tentatively be scheduled as a covered dish/wiener roast on the afternoon of Sunday, September 14th.  Hot dogs, buns and drinks will be provided by the parish.  The event will be advertized throughout August.

Office hours for the summer are changing to Mondays & Thursdays from 8 to 4, and Tuesdays & Fridays from 9 to 4.    

Our next meeting will be Tuesday evening, August 19th at 7:00 PM at the Church.

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Capuano



Perhaps we can help. Please contact any Parish Pastoral Council member with a problem or concern that you feel needs attention. We will work with you to try to resolve the issue. Let's all work towards a better, stronger Parish! 

Thank you - from the PPC