Church of the Holy Trinity

A Family - Centered Catholic Church Serving Northern Tuscarawas County

Pastoral Council

Mark Cush - President

Rick Christ - Vice President

Mark Capuano - Secretary

Rick Cercone

Paula Cush

Cathy Morris

Amy Rowland

Dave Weiland

Jo Ann Yost

Mission Directors

Worship:  Mark Capuano & Joanne Yost

Culture Building:  Paula Cush & Kathy Morris

Formation:  Rick Cercone & Rick Christ

Evangelization: Dave Weiland & Amy Rowland


February, 2016 Meeting Minutes


Parish Council Meeting - Church of the Holy Trinity


February 16, 2016


In attendance were Mark Cush, Mark Capuano, Amy Rowland, Father Jeff, Jo Ann Yost, Rick Christ, Cathy Morris, and Rick Cercone.  Deacon Lyn, Dave Weiland, Paula Cush, and Fr. Jonathan were absent.  Mark Cush opened the meeting in prayer, and the November minutes were approved. 


This meeting was called as a follow up to the December meeting, in order to propose to council direction and guidance in 2016.  Father Jeff outlined for us the thoughts of our parish leadership regarding the role of council which would be most helpful to our growth and spiritual advancement.


We were advised of our parish mission to proclaim and live the gospel, become holy (which is our calling by God), and developing the church as our home, i.e. a place to relax and enjoy our parish family.  Although the roles, authority, and goals of the Pastoral Council in promoting these objectives will be developed over time, we were asked to consider some specific major tasks.  Sub-tasks could develop over time throughout the coming months.


Prayer :


As in the past, our first responsibility is to pray daily for our parish; her leadership, councils, missions, and members.  In addition we should be praying for the community, with particular concern for those who are no longer attending services, or otherwise aligned with this, their “church home”.


The Parish Calendar:


One of the most helpful tasks we were asked to consider, is taking over the Parish Calendar.  This includes scheduling, coordinating, securing approvals, publicizing and communicating the myriad of activities which surround our parish life. 


Activities and Committees:


As in the past, we are asked to continue our role as facilitators for the various ministries and committees of the Parish.  What do they need from us, or the Leadership?  What are they doing to advance their particular mission?  What are their financial and support needs?  What ideas and visions do they see?  We have currently assigned council members to virtually all of the missions, committees, and groups within the Parish.  Our next task would logically be to further identify and work with the leadership of these groups to promote and advance their cause and calling. 


Training and Development:


As individuals are recognized for their particular talents and abilities, we should be aware of our desire to provide them with the training and developmental tools which would best suit their ministry.  This would include our own calling as Pastoral Council members, and the training and development – both spiritual and temporal – of the entire parish membership.  Recognizing and providing opportunities for growth and service could become a major ambition for the Pastoral council, and would greatly aid the staff and leadership of the Parish.


We were asked to prayerfully consider these points over the next month, and be prepared to discuss them, and other items, at the next council meeting on March 15th at 7:00PM.


Respectfully submitted,      






 Mark Capuano  



Perhaps we can help. Please contact any Parish Pastoral Council member with a problem or concern that you feel needs attention. We will work with you to try to resolve the issue. Let's all work towards a better, stronger Parish! 

Thank you - from the PPC