Church of the Holy Trinity

A Family - Centered Catholic Church Serving Northern Tuscarawas County

Pastoral Council

Mark Cush - President

Rick Christ - Vice President

Mark Capuano - Secretary

Rick Cercone

Paula Cush

Cathy Morris

Amy Rowland

Dave Weiland

Jo Ann Yost

Mission Directors

Worship:  Mark Capuano & Joanne Yost

Culture Building:  Paula Cush & Kathy Morris

Formation:  Rick Cercone & Rick Christ

Evangelization: Dave Weiland & Amy Rowland


Meeting Minutes December 2014

Pastoral Council Meeting - Church of the Holy Trinity

December 16, 2014

In attendance were, Deacon Lyn, Father Coning, Father Tomson, Karen McDonnell, Dave Schaub, Mark Capuano, Dave Weiland, Margaret Gursky, Paula Cush, Mark Cush and Annette Prokop.  Rick Cercone and Rick Christ had been excused.  Dave Weiland opened in prayer, and Fr. Jeff treated us to some of his mom's delicious Christmas cookies!

Mark Capuano opened with prayer, and we then briefly considered the Question of the Week, "What work of justice could you perform this week to bring joy to others". We then reviewed and approved the minutes from the last meeting. 

Annette began with an update on several financial matters, including the good news that our application for a grant from The Catholic Foundation had been approved in the amount of $5200!  The purpose of this request was to fund improvements and purchases of equipment and other items for the benefit of the hearing impaired.  This will probably include a center runner for sound absorption, and some professionally recommended sound reinforcement enhancements.  A subcommittee of previously selected members will be making the final decisions. 

Early in 2015 the Finance Council will hold a financial meeting "from the pulpit".  This will include fiscal year financials, as well as opportunities for everyone to participate more fully in their stewardship of time, talent and treasure.  Prior to this general meeting, the 2015 budget will be reviewed by the Parish Council (in the February meeting).  Annette then was excused for the remainder to the meeting.

Building Committee Update

Members of this committee have met with MKC Architectures for the purpose of generating ideas and making inquiries pertaining to the design of a new church building.  This work continues to move forward. 

Missions Reports:  It was noted that after this "transitional" meeting, and going forward, we will utilize the previously approved revised format for parish missions.

Worship:  Fr. Jeff asked that it be noted in these minutes how disappointed he, Fr. Ty and Deacon Lyn were with the poor turnout for the December 6th Ministry Meeting.  This lackadaisical attitude toward commitments to serve the parish was apparent, both by weak attendance, and in other situations as well, including the ambivalence shown by some volunteers toward their commitment to the weekly Mass  assignments.  The efforts of some are greatly appreciated, and will be honored by our Lord, but others seem to show little interest in the preparation and fulfillment of duties for which they volunteered.  This is very disconcerting to our parish leadership

Formation (Education):  This Sunday will be the final PSR week for the year, including the Adult Faith Formation class.  Classes will resume January 11th.  Deacon Lyn has selected this year's Christmas gift to the parish - "Rediscover Catholicism" by Matthew Kelly. 

Evangelization (Social Justice):  Margaret gave us an excellent report concerning the generous response to this year's clothing collection.  In addition, we were advised that the Food Pantry collections, and "Feed The Hungry" activities will resume in January.  

Finance:  A discussion was held concerning our requirements for obtaining diocesan approval to formally initiate a building planning and funding effort.

Special Committee to elect new Parish Council Members:  Karen advised us that three names have been approved for membership on the 2015 Council.  After some discussion, she moved that Kathy Morris, Amy Rowland, and Joanne Yost be added to the Parish Council in January.  Dave Schaub seconded, and the motion was passed with a voice vote.  "Welcome" to our three new members, and farewell to our three outgoing members - Margaret Gursky, Karen McDonnell, Dave Schaub.  Thank you, and may God bless you for your service!

 Old Business:

With further regard to the ministry schedules, Dave Weiland invited us to carefully read the bold wording on the front of Kim's printed schedules.  Our responsibility to find replacements when we cannot serve should not be done right before Mass.  Father Jeff reminded us of the spiritual activity going on at this time.  People have come to Mass to meet Jesus, and Jesus is present in order to meet with the people who have come.  This is a sacred time and space, which must not be disturbed.  He also advised us that the role of Gatekeeper is not being met by current volunteers.

Father Ty and Dave Schaub discussed options for video monitoring and security for office staff.  Dave will follow up on this.

Reorganization of Missions - Next Steps:  Father Jeff led this discussion.  Two or three council members should participate as liaisons to each of the four missions (Worship, Formation, Evangelization, and Culture Building).  These will act as  "point persons" for the various committees under each mission, including regular follow up with committee leaders to assure all activities are proceeding as planned.  These activities will be developed under the "Roles and Responsibilities" sections for each area. 

The need to establish an effective event planning procedure was looked at next.  Fr. Jeff recommended a Google - type calendar for the purpose of scheduling parish events.  This would be a privately accessible calendar, used solely for maintaining a conflict-free calendar throughout the year.  Mark Capuano will discuss using the current "Financial Calendar" on the Parish website for such a purpose with our webmasters.   He will also look into an Event Planning Form which is also incorporated in our current website, to ascertain if it will serve our future needs.

New Business:

Questions and concerns have been raised with regard to the decision to hold weekly bulletin distributions until after Mass.  Although it is true that they can often be a distraction during Mass, it was pointed out that they can be a source of prayers before Mass as well.  Father Ty advised us that these concerns should be brought to his personal attention, so he may weigh all options.  It was also noted that some Eucharistic Ministers are rushing to the altar without waiting to see if those scheduled to serve are present. 

There are two Family oriented events scheduled in January.  The first is a January 4th graduation party for Father Rigobert, who is to be congratulated for his earning a bachelor's degree from Ohio University.  He will soon be returning to Tanzania, to serve their diocese, and will be greatly missed by us in Tuscarawas County.  Donations will be accepted for his continuing work.  The second event - a "Pizza and a Movie" event will take place on January 25th at 4:00PM.  We have had these in the past, and they are always a wonderful time of family oriented fellowship. 

Tasha Lorenz  is organizing this year's "Super Bowl Hoagies" fund raiser.  This year, the Super Bowl is on February 1st.

We are certainly looking forward to welcoming our three new members at next month's Parish Council meeting - 7:00PM on Tuesday, January 20th.

Respectfully submitted,

  Mark Capuano  


Perhaps we can help. Please contact any Parish Pastoral Council member with a problem or concern that you feel needs attention. We will work with you to try to resolve the issue. Let's all work towards a better, stronger Parish! 

Thank you - from the PPC